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I went to the locations and saw who he was with and where he was going. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive exclusive monthly promotions you won't find on the website. Until now the only way to view your monitoring data was to find a computer and login. To solve this problem, we've come up with a mobile application that allows you to access your most useful data from your smartphone. The authoritative no-nonsense spy phone review website. Head on over to spyphonereview.

Discover children and employees behaviour by monitoring the PC and Mac computers they use. Have you bought a copycat spy phone product?

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For a limited time only, we will redeem your remaining license against a copy of FlexiSPY. Contact Live Support for details. Now supporting iOS Featured In. View All Features.


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The portal includes a number of innovative features, including: FlexiSPY Alert Wizard — Track 'hot' words in messages, know when a device enters a 'location of interest' or when a specific number calls the target phone. GPS Navigator Widget — Manage hundreds of coordinates for use in other tracking apps like Google Maps — you can even replay the step by step movements of the target phone! Individual Dashboards — Handle multiple devices at once — allowing you to easily monitor your workforce or family.

Download recorded calls in bulk using our unique download manager. Buy Now. Not all iPhone spy apps are created equal. Find out how to add layers to Maps to view current traffic on your iPhone 6s Plus.

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A visual guide on how to navigate to a location using Maps on your iPhone 6s Plus. Download and Install App - MobileIron. Setup App Control - MobileIron. Manually Quarantine a Device - MobileIron. Follow Customer's Cases - MobileIron. Manage Labels - MobileIron. Add Users on Core - MobileIron. My Numbers. My Verizon app.

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  8. Get more control over data, a simplified bill, smarter Support and fast device purchases. Learn how to turn Siri on and off with your iPhone 6s Plus. An interactive guide for how to use Siri handsfree on your iPhone 6s Plus. People upgrading to iOS 13 this year may have more of an incentive than usual to keep using their old phones rather than upgrading to new ones.

    For this performance test, I did a fresh install of iOS on each device, signed it into a test iCloud account, and let the phones sit for a while to complete any indexing or other behind-the-scenes tasks. I then opened each app three times and averaged the results. In the past, this has been a fairly reliable indicator of how each phone will actually feel in day-to-day use. If opening an app and waiting for it to load on a fresh iOS install feels slow, that usually means that the rest of the phone including waiting for the keyboard to pop up, waiting for pages to load, and other tasks will feel slow too, especially as you download more stuff and connect more accounts.

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    5. In general, iOS 13 running on these phones is almost imperceptibly slower than the same phones running iOS 12, though in many cases performance breaks just about even. If some of the percentages seem high, it's because the times are so low that any difference at all looks like a bigger deal than it is—in practice, you don't really feel any of these differences. The only outlier is the TV app, which did take significantly longer to fully load in iOS 13 than in iOS 12, but we're just talking about a small delay in an app that people aren't going to use as often as Messages or Mail.

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      It should be no surprise that the A9 can run iOS 13 well. Several apps open in just over half a second, which is essentially instantaneous.

      These are heavier apps that need to load more things before they start responding to user input. The 6S I used to test iOS 13 ran the operating system perfectly well, but even with a brand-new battery directly from Apple, I could never make it through a whole day without needing to recharge.