Spy on my home phone

1. MMGuardian

That is already a hint that someone wants to gain access or hack your device. Sometimes the installation is not done right.

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Then there will be a series of codes that will be sent through text messages. If your device seems to get unlikely warm without you using it, it could be because of continuous activities going on. Especially it has been happening for quite some time already.

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When you call this number. And you will hear 3 or 4. Then someone is likely getting into your mobile to hack.

Finally, you can always contact your operator or carrier to verify how they can help you further. They would surely be able to resolve your issues. I believe that my landline phone is wiretapped. Every time I make an appointment, the manager schedules for someone to come into my apartment.

I also feel my every movement is known. My place is being entered each to I leave and property destroyed. I desperately need help. Anyone who has access to that room can very easily tap your phone. I suspected this was happening at my clients home. We called the Phone company and they were able to confirm wire tap type activity from their office…. I suggest calling your phone company; They can check your line remotely. Hide a motion activated camera or even a cheap wild game deer etc camera. Many ways to monitor a situation like that.


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Even better, move somewhere else! I often wonder if someone is listening… my friend and I have some really interesting chats, and love conspiracy theories etc. It freaks me out to think someone could be listening in. Im housebound and have no visitors, so my phone is all Ihave. Is your friend on a cell phone?

This will happen if one of you is using a cell phone, especially if moving around, even in the house depending upon where they live. I believe my landline is being tapped. When I am on the phone, it sounds like someone is picking up another line and then around 20 seconds letter there is a sound like the phone is being hung up.

I want to know how to look to see if I can find anything. I think y boyfriend is somehow able to track my calls from my landline. Everytime I call someone from my home phone, he calls me right away a few minutes later. How can I find out? He already hacked into my email which I thought was impossible with Google.

2. Google Family Link

Google is the easiest to hack into. Look into getting another account. Research encrypted email accounts. There are several out there. My whole house is tapped.

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Does anyone else get tapped this bad? I agree with Lori on that one. You can buy cheap disposable pre paid phones I C E. Use only when needed and remove the battery and keep it put away, etc. There are alternatives and life IS possible without a cell phone, believe it or not. Not as convenient but how can the convenience outweigh the stress?

Consistent static on the phone, as well as radio frequency interference are an indication of an amateur landline tap. Take apart the phone's handset by unscrewing the earpiece with a Phillips screwdriver. Lift the speaker to check for electronic devices attached to the wiring in the telephone. Reattach the phone with the screws provided. Position the phone tap detector device close to the phone. Unplug the telephone cord from the phone's base and insert it into the socket named "Tel in" socket on the phone tap detector.

Insert a second telephone cord between the phone's base and "Tel out" socket on the detector. Check to see the LED light on the detector. A red light is an indication that the line is tapped.

The product is rated for telephone line monitoring and transmission of the obtained intelligence via radio channel. The transmitter is designed in a rectangular metal case with flexible antenna and with leads for connection to This product is perfect for telephone line monitoring, with transmission of the obtained intelligence via radio channel. The transmitter comes in a rectangular metal case, equipped with a flexible antenna and telephone line connection leads This device is suitable for contactless telephone line monitoring, and transmission of the relevant intelligence.

The transmitter is placed in a metal case with built-in compartment for 2 AA batteries, external inductive This transmitter is used both for wiretapping and room monitoring, and transmission of the obtained intelligence through a crystal controlled radio channel.